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John Gallagher, Executive Vice President

John Gallagher, Executive Vice PresidentJohn Gallagher brings more than 30 years of security, law enforcement and private investigation experience to AT-RISK. Mr. Gallagher has expertise in all areas of the security industry, notably executive protection and firearms training. He currently oversees AT-RISK’s business operations and development.

Mr. Gallagher began his career with MTA Bridges and Tunnels as an Officer in New York City and was appointed as their Firearms Instructor, elected as the Benevolent Association’s Delegate and Secretary of the Officers’ Benevolent Association.

Mr. Gallagher later served as Vice President and Director of Operations at Trachel, Inc. in New Jersey, and provided security and protective for numerous Hollywood personalities and dignitaries in the area of executive protection.

Mr. Gallagher has also served for over 30 years as a Security Consultant to the Iranian Royal Family and still holds this position today.

In the year 2000 Mr. Gallagher co-founded Troy Security Group, Inc. in New York and New Jersey, and first served as that company’s Senior Vice President and then President. As a result of shared values and joint business ventures, Mr. Gallagher merged with AT-RISK as a partner in October of 2005.

Mr. Gallagher is a Security Specialist and Firearms Training Instructor and is certified by the NRA law enforcement firearms training division, the VA Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS), the New York State DCJS, the New Jersey State Police retired police training program and the Maryland state police firearms training instructors program. In addition, he is a VA DCJS certified general instructor in all categories as well as a Martial Arts Master, currently as a 6th Dan USA Goju, with over forty years of experience.

He is an elected member to the ASIS National Capital Chapter Board of Directors as Program Chair/Sergeant at Arms. In 2018 the chapter presented him with the Meritorious Service Award for fostering the spirit of goodwill and professionalism within the chapter community.

Mr. Gallagher draws on his experience, dedication to the business and commitment to provide the best client services possible. His steadfast ability to resolve problems, together with an experienced network of professional colleagues, has earned him a stellar reputation in the protective services community.