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The global political market is expanding quickly. Isolated political parties are now able to reach beyond borders through the internet thereby influencing constituents and aligning themselves with global supporters. This trend creates a greater risk and potential for opposition. Governments therefore are relying upon external sources to support their supplemental protective needs to include the protection of state assets, political parties and dignitaries. These programs provide governments with resources that are flexible and can strengthen their position by taking an unbiased look at their organization and ways to improve it.

AT-RISK is experienced in consulting for governments, political parties and campaign security programs as well as providing protection for dignitaries. Our team has assisted with Presidential, Prime Minister, Congressional, and Mayoral campaigns around the globe. We continue to guide incumbent leaders, opposition candidates and dignitaries through the security risks facing the political climate. By providing comprehensive security consulting including, security advance services, event security planning, opposition research, staff vetting and screening, fraud detection, security awareness and close protective services, we are helping our clients identify a more secure and effective strategy.

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