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Hospitals, pharmacies and associated laboratories present complex security challenges: violence in ERs from patients, domestic partners and others; robberies and thefts of pharmaceuticals by patients and staff; and poor lab operations that can jeopardize employees.

New government and insurance regulations, coupled with innovative medical and therapeutic technologies, are adding compliance and cost-control challenges in every facility. Those regulations make the possibility of fines, shutdowns and other penalties a constant threat.

Industry support
AT-RISK is the only company in the Western Hemisphere with a multi-disciplinary team of luminary scientists and security experts that can provide proactive and reactive threat mitigation, including biosecurity and biosafety challenges, for hospitals and pharmacies.

The sheer volume of personnel moving through a hospital each day presents challenges for access control to restricted areas, as well as management of drugs and other medical supplies. AT-RISK understands how to design and manage security programs that safeguard against such security issues without hindering operations.

Protection. AT-RISK can protect executives, medical personnel, intellectual property, operations, and valuable biological and clinical samples with services that include:

  • Personal protection for executives and physicians during national/international business and personal travel, board meetings and fundraising activities at presentations, seminars, conferences and symposia, and while traveling to and from work/leisure and other public activities
  • Global monitoring and analysis of potential threats 24/7 from a state-of-the-art Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), including threats that can affect key suppliers and vendors
  • Liability protection by reducing losses from intentional and accidental release of research products, including potentially dangerous biological materials

Investigations. If a security breach, threat to intellectual property, or other security incident occurs, AT-RISK can provide the following assistance:

  • Investigative services to identify offenders involved in asset misappropriation, fraud and other crimes, such as drug thefts by hospital personnel or patients, reducing or eliminating potential losses to property and reputation
  • Due diligence and discovery support for legal counsel and HR workers in employee-related and regulatory issues
  • Protective intelligence programs that proactively monitor individuals whose behavior or actions may threaten personnel or patients

Consulting. AT-RISK can develop and manage, or assist with, the following:

  • Threat, vulnerability and risk analysis, coupled with program planning and design for maximum physical security and biosecurity and safety in single buildings and larger campuses
  • Biosecurity and biosafety programs that meet government and industry guidelines and regulations, implemented by scientists and security experts with extensive experience in lab and program design
  • Guidance in combining physical security with security technology to provide a holistic security strategy
  • Assistance with design and implementation of HIPAA-compliant IT security strategies
  • Epidemic and biological incident response preparedness

Training. AT-RISK trains security professionals, staff and lab personnel in the following:

  • Security tactics in situations, such as active shooters, patient disturbances, security breaches and other incidents
  • Specialized training for security staff and “train the trainer” courses for those who work with medical personnel and other staff in situational awareness and other unique programs
  • Customized biosecurity and biosafety training for clinical laboratories and pharmacies, from OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard to gene therapy programs

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