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Our History

AT-RISK, formed in 2003, was created to establish a leading standard in protective and investigative services globally. The company, headquartered in Northern Virginia, has established operations and relationships around the globe and continues to expand into emerging markets. A philosophy based on small, boutique model of service has allowed them to customize their service line for each customer. This coupled with new standards designed and implemented over the course of many years; AT-RISK has positioned itself to lead the industry to a new standard of performance. We have created administrative, operational, and technical processes and procedures to ensure we recruit, train, and facilitate operations beyond customer expectations.

Operational experts from the private sector, law enforcement, and military domains continue to drive the company’s philosophy. The company embraces the value of diversity having employed operational and administrative professionals from countries such as Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many others. The leadership of AT-RISK was well established and opportunity knocked in the early days and AT-RISK was tasked to train security replacement forces for contractors to the Department of Defense. Instructors trained individuals at 23 installations around the U.S. over a period of several years.

Over time, our consulting, protection, and investigative business lines developed. We found a specialty niche in the global political campaign security consulting market. This expertise has allowed us to support the interests of political candidates and leaders on three continents, to include United States Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and many others. Our protective service line has also developed and is oriented towards clients that prefer a low profile approach to their executive protection needs. AT-RISK has conducted protective operations on every continent around the world in both low and high risk environments. Our team has supported the security interests of one of the Olympics largest hospitality providers for five Olympic Games and coordinated security for the first democratic elections in the U.S. for Iraqi citizens.

Investigative services have been a key service line to the company since its inception. The leadership of the company has specialized in the workplace violence and threat assessment arena for many years and as such, investigative specialties have focused on supporting this market. This particularly challenging arena has allowed AT-RISK to create a team of investigators well qualified to support a variety of investigative efforts to include surveillance, background investigations and interviewing. Simultaneously, AT-RISK has expanded its brand of traditional training models, conducting their private investigations and executive protection classes for students globally.

AT-RISK will continue to pursue difficult challenges around the globe and support their clientele wherever they go.