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Kateryna Bender, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Kateryna Bender, Director of AdministrationKateryna Bender has been an integral part of AT-RISK since joining the organization in 2010. In her role as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, she works closely with the senior leadership team to create a global vision and strategy for the administrative and operational growth of the organization. She oversees finance, accounting, human resources and legal/regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining AT-RISK, Ms. Bender traveled extensively and was employed by a major U.S. airline. During that time, she and the airline crew were awarded with a commendation from the United States Department of State for their excellent management of an emergency medical situation aboard an international flight.

Born in Ukraine, Ms. Bender has a Master’s Degree in Languages from the University of Ukraine and speaks Russian, native Ukrainian, English, French and German. She has also studied the Latin language. Her linguistic skills are an asset to AT-RISK and its personnel who travel overseas.

Ms. Bender is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Currently she serves as President for the Northern Virginia SHRM (NOVA SHRM) chapter. Prior to this role with NOVA SHRM she was Vice President of Programs, in which she helped to plan professional development and networking opportunities for the chapter’s constituents.

Ms. Bender is also a member of the National Association of Professional and Executive Women, which recognized her in 2012 as an exclusive member in the Women of Excellence Registry.