Planning to attend Rio 2016?

The Olympic Games operate by their own, unique set of rules—an independent country within the host country. The 2016 Games will be the first Olympics in South America, a part of the world with its own security challenges. An experienced security partner can help you understand what to expect and how to prepare, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the international celebration safely, with peace of mind.

Before heading to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, understand three critical factors:

  • The Olympic Games are a unique entity—one that follows its own set of rules. Even if you know Rio de Janeiro, you won’t know Rio 2016.
  • These Olympics, the first in South America, will present security challenges very different from other Olympic host cities. Brazil in particular is known for protests, street crimes and its favelas.
  • Perceived wealth of American tourists makes them favorite targets for criminal activity.

Any criminal or group looking for an easy mark or looking to make a statement will flock to Brazil.

AT-RISK International can protect you, your guests or your clients at the Olympics, at Brazilian tourist sites and anywhere in Latin America.

Local presence, international expertise

We can work with both hospitality centers and with private clients as a security liaison. From our offices in the U.S. and Brazil, our security experts will design and implement a holistic, proactive threat mitigation plan that can include:

  • Advance planning. We start with a risk assessment to determine your specific exposure. Then, our advance reconnaissance team will provide a detailed, comprehensive analysis and strategy, tailored to the specific venues, hotels and tourist attractions you’ll be visiting.
    • Security surveys
    • Route analysis
    • Safe haven information
    • Crisis planning
  • Training. Both the Olympic Games and the host country will be operating by a different set of rules designed specifically for Rio 2016. We provide training for hospitality managers and service providers, as well as country-specific training to guide foreign employees working at the Olympic Games.
    • Olympic-specific training
    • Expatriate training (cultures, customs and behaviors in the host country)
    • Situational awareness training
  • Executive protection. During the games, AT-RISK can provide active protection in the form of security drivers and Personal Protection Specialists. We support these specialists with our proactive Protective Intelligence Program (PIP) and real-time threat monitoring through our Global Security Operations Center, staffed by skilled analysts who track potential threats throughout the world. These intelligence reports are customized to a specific company or individual, supplementing the general security briefs provided by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).
    • Personal Protection Specialists
    • Security drivers
    • Threat analysis reports
  • Crisis planning and response. We develop a comprehensive crisis response plan that addresses such incidents as lost passports and street crime, all the way to mass contagions and terrorist attacks. Our experts analyze transportation routes and provide safe haven information to drivers and security teams.
    • Crisis response
    • Evacuation services
    • Medical liaison

Your dedicated Olympic Liaison

To ensure that our services meet your goals and satisfy your clients, an expert Olympic Liaison will oversee every aspect of our protective services for your clients. He or she will manage planning and security arrangements to safeguard company assets, employees, invitees and others during the Olympics.

Your Olympic Liaison will draw upon the experience we’ve gathered by providing security at the Olympic Games in London, Vancouver, Beijing, Turin and Athens. Every aspect of the Olympics presents unique challenges, from the variety of credentials required to access different areas to the certifications needed for transportation. We know how to evacuate a client for medical or security reasons, how to move around an area filled with millions of tourists, and how traveling to the Olympics or other international events differs from typical tourism in Latin America. While no two games are exactly alike, there are many similar attributes. We capitalize on those similarities to understand the unique nuances of the games at hand.

We also understand the difference between regular security and hospitality security, having worked with the world’s leading hospitality providers. Our role is not only to help clients anticipate and avoid incidents, but also to help ensure their comfort and enjoyment at this global celebration.

For more information on how AT-RISK can support you at the Olympics, please contact us.