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World-class security services: Consulting, protection, investigation and training

AT-RISK’s holistic approach to security, using a wide variety of expertise and technology, forms the foundation of every service we offer.

Whether the need is design, implementation and assessment of an in-house security program, protection during a special event or executive travel, investigation of a sensitive situation or expert training, AT-RISK has expertise that spans four continents and virtually every security-related situation.

Find out more about how AT-RISK can provide threat mitigation and post-incident assistance for companies and individuals:

Car at estate gatePROTECTION
Executives and high-profile individuals need to be able to travel, live and work safely, free from risks to their safety and real-world threats. Families on vacation and boards of directors holding annual meetings also need to be safe and secure. In over 100 countries, for a week or an evening, AT-RISK provides that protection.
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Potentially dangerous individuals pose a threat to executives and employees in your organization. So do embezzlers and other dishonest employees. Threats to employees, operations and facilities call for discreet, thorough, “by the book” investigations.
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Does your company have an up-to-date, comprehensive security plan? Are you starting operations in another country? Do you need a security plan that satisfies insurers or regulators? Expert consulting from AT-RISK is the place to start.
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Handgun Training/RangeTRAINING
Are you a company that wants to train employees or a security team? Are you a professional who wants to change careers, learn new skills or keep a license current? AT-RISK offers customized training in our facilities or yours, anywhere around the world.
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