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Who uses AT-RISK?
Companies who want to make safety and security part of their corporate DNA call AT-RISK to help with consulting on design, implementation and management of a holistic security program. High-profile individuals and executives, along with their families, rely on AT-RISK to mitigate risk at home and on the road. Corporate security and human resources managers engage AT-RISK to design or supplement a safety and security program.

How AT-RISK can help
AT-RISK can help you evaluate and improve an existing corporate security plan or institute a new one. By taking a holistic approach that involves employees at every level, AT-RISK can help you make security part of your corporate DNA, including:

  • Design and implementation of security plans that comply with regulatory and insurance requirements
  • Insight into best practices in your industry and other sectors
  • Enhanced security and peace of mind that boost company morale
  • Reduced risk and reduced potential losses to operations, facilities and employees

Why choose AT-RISK?
We take a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to security. Our security experts include the disciplines you’d expect (law enforcement, surveillance technology expertise) and a few you wouldn’t (specially trained psychologists). The result is a proactive approach to security that predicts and mitigates potential threats before they occur.

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