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Executive Protection Assessment and Design

Organizations without executive protection programs may discover as their risk increases through globalization, increased recognition or significant status changes that they require a formal executive protection program assessment. Additionally, existing proprietary or contract executive protection programs frequently grow and change over time and without periodic external review may not even notice directional changes, manpower misalignment or even significant team vulnerabilities.

Our specialists have protected executives, dignitaries, and VIP’s around the world in all environments and can bring those experiences to suit your corporate culture. While assisting in directional realignment, administrative enhancements, operational improvements, and technical advancement we routinely discover ways to improve cost efficiency and manpower functionality. Our consultants have audited individuals at the highest levels of foreign governments, Fortune 100 companies, small to mid-rise firms and low risk entities. In all cases we look at the policies, practices, and procedures to determine if they are within industry standards as well as an assessment of their ability to mitigate the risk. Often we are able to provide insight into ways that the team can adjust or modify their existing program to create a more safe and secure environment and in almost every case we have been able to reduce cost with no impact to risk mitigation.

Opening the doors to such a protective environment can be done safely and securely, resulting in improvements that last decades.

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