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Family Safety

When looking at the safety and security of individuals who have wealth, stature and notoriety, the choices in security range from a family pet and a home alarm to a full blown executive protection team. Often, neither of these choices meet the needs of a number of executives, celebrities, and others requiring security measures beyond the average persons.

The concept of the Family Safety Program (FSP) is one in which safety and security is afforded to a family through self empowered security measures, behavior security, and simple safety applications. The typical family who warrants such a program has wealth and some notoriety, however they are not at such risk to justify a full executive protection program. Although much of the methodology used within an FSP is similar to executive protection programs, it is applied with a different focus and approach. Families typically require a greater level of transparency in a program with little or no impact to the family. Such a program is typically managed by an outside security consulting firm, however, some families elect to assign a member of their staff the duties. These duties include conducting staff backgrounds, completing risk assessments, reviewing travel plans, and implementing security systems. Within this program we have provided for a variety of contingencies and situations. Flexibility has been, and must continue to be, a key ingredient of each element of this program. FSP includes procedures, policies, and programs in support of overall safety for a given family. This program can be constructed with several or all elements listed and can adapt to a given situation as a result of its flexibility.

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