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Security Surveys

Through a security survey of your facility or residence, our team can provide you with insights into the weaknesses of your system and the recommendations necessary to secure them.

Security surveys evaluate the physical security of a property, showing what technologies are working and which ones are not. Reviewing variables such as fencing, lighting, and door locks are things that can be overlooked. Our consultants take a fresh look at your property and determine the best options to secure that site, either by enhancing what you already have and/or bringing on new resources. The usability of a physical security system is also analyzed to help ensure the program you have in place is being used and does not create a cumbersome environment for employees and/or others. The design of a facility can greatly benefit from a security survey by looking at artist renditions, architectural designs, and blue prints. Our consultants can advise on facility design enhancements or modifications to heighten security from the design of the building to the layout of the parking lot, driveways and other areas.

We highly recommend that the security element of your project is well thought out from the onset of planning. This will reduce the impact of change orders and additional costs due to inadequate planning.

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