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Workplace Violence

A safe, comfortable workplace is a productive workplace. When safety is part of the corporate culture, when potential risks are dealt with before incidents occur, employees realize that the corporation cares about their welfare.

Our multi-disciplinary approach goes well beyond the usual fitness-for-duty investigation to assess potential threats long before they occur and our in-depth assessments by a skilled, experienced team can spot warning signs of violent behavior. We can help you to mitigate risks using the same security and psychological strategies that we teach to security professionals all around the country.


  • Violence Prevention Consulting
    Review of your current vulnerability and capability, including review of workplace violence policy, related policies and procedures, team configuration and readiness.
  • Workforce Training
    Team training, ideally through a tabletop exercise. This is of critical value if your company has a policy but has not tested and validated it.
  • Threat Assessment and Management
    Emergency intervention regarding assessment and management of threats, hostile work climates, suicides, and terminations/layoffs. Combined psychological, forensic, and tactical approaches.

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