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Who uses AT-RISK?
Organizations and executives can benefit from discreet, expert investigations that protect the company and its assets. Law firms, accounting firms and business consultants can help their clients uncover fraud, stem losses or stop internal shrinkage. Companies of all types can pinpoint threats to their operations and intellectual property.

How AT-RISK can help
Fraud, civil litigation, embezzlement, targeted violence and bad press can cause financial losses and damage to reputations. AT-RISK can help uncover and mitigate those threats and others with investigative services that include:

  • Assessment and surveillance of potentially threatening employees
  • Recovery of funds, trade secrets and other company property
  • Support for litigation
  • Background checks and other due diligence
  • Protection of a company’s reputation, operations and intellectual property

Why choose AT-RISK?
AT-RISK conducts thorough, discreet, “by the book” investigations that meet all legal requirements. Our experts have a deep understanding of the legal system, as well as extensive experience with corporate operations in a wide range of industries.

In addition, AT-RISK combines a multi-disciplinary team backed by the latest surveillance technology. The result: AT-RISK can obtain the information an organization or its partners need to mitigate virtually any type of cyber or real-world threat.

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