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Due Diligence

Company and corporate mergers take place daily. The plethora of information available online and in the news, can make discernment seem impossible when trying to understand an organization’s activities, relationships and dealings.

Company history, contracts, agreements, litigations, management and applicable local and federal regulations are just some of the areas explored in a due diligence investigation. AT-RISK investigators perform these and other responsibilities to support clients seeking information about individuals and entities prior to entering business agreements and partnerships. We help provide clarity about prior, current and pending activities of parties of interest.

AT-RISK furnishes due diligence reports to clients seeking information about individuals and businesses, typically for evaluative purposes in hiring or partnership formations. Several areas normally recur within this realm and we address these using various networking, tools and practices:

    Senior and executive hiring. We employ professionally-trained investigators to conduct surveys and personal interviews with potential candidates for senior leadership. Coupled with background investigations which look at a multitude of factors such as criminal records, past and pending litigations, property ownership and other areas, we provide clients with thorough profiles to assist in their decision-making process.

    Acquisitions and mergers. For companies exploring acquisitions, mergers and partnerships, we combine backgrounding of management and key personnel in potential partner companies with investigations into a company’s history, contracts and agreements, financial information, audit and tax status, past and pending litigation, and additional information which can aid clients in gaining an objective view of possible future business associates.

    International business partnerships. The global nature of business partnerships calls for an even greater attention towards the veracity of claims by corporations seeking to do business with our clients. AT-RISK has and continues to utilize its substantial network resources to conduct investigations of international companies headquartered outside of the U.S. We operate offices globally and retain close relationships with additional security companies in other areas of the world, all of which contribute to our ability to provide our clients with accurate, reliable information about potential business affiliates.

AT-RISK provides peace of mind to clients venturing into new business ventures and/or partnerships through our proactive approach to threat mitigation which includes a variety of technical and human expertise:

    Trained, credentialed investigators. Our investigators are trained, credentialed and experienced. We use professionals who maintain current, professional investigative registrations and licensing per applicable state and local laws and regulations. Investigators typically undergo training in backgrounding by senior case managers, as well as recognized leaders in the industry. A mentoring process accompanies initial training to help ensure that core investigative principles and practices are incorporated into assignments and case reports. AT-RISK has provided due diligence investigations for companies throughout its history and thus, employs a wealth of resources into its reports.

    Exhaustive information gathering. As with other offerings, we utilize a global network comprised of investigators and consultants from multiple fields to compile relevant information from a variety of sources. These include but are not limited to online and court record searches, historical and industry research, and comparative analysis of the subject company/corporation to similar companies. We network with professionals in relevant disciplines to analyze practices and transactions.

    Holistic electronic and human investigations. AT-RISK integrates human and electronic sources of information into due diligence reporting. We conduct online investigations, personal interviews of company officers and surveys to ascertain a company’s fitness and suitability.

Why now?

  • According to a study by the consulting firm KPMG, some 34% of employees who commit fraud are executives or directors, and of the fraud that costs companies US$5 million or more, as many as 54% of fraudsters are executives.
  • A study by Mercer, an HR consulting firm, notes that 54% of all businesses and as many as 89% of private equity firms work with external advisors when conducting M&A due diligence pertaining to employees.
  • U.S. companies that do not conduct due diligence on potential business partners and vendors are at risk of prosecution under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and may face other legal repercussions with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • A survey by Deloitte, a consulting firm, suggests 87% of executives consider reputational risk as more significant than other key risks facing their companies and that only 47% feel prepared to deal with a reputational issue pertaining to a third-party.

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