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Electronic and Personal Surveillance

A company hears reports that an employee currently receiving worker’s compensation has been seen doing manual labor at home. A stalker makes threats to harm a victim. A co-worker reports erratic behavior by a disgruntled employee.

The use of surveillance often assists investigators and clients in confirming or negating suspicions of illegal, dangerous, or threatening activity by an individual or a group. From overt mechanisms, such as posted guards and CCTV camera systems to discreet foot, vehicular, and remote surveillance methods, AT-RISK bolsters this time-honored security practice with its progressive use of intelligence gathering and analysis.

AT-RISK delivers timely and relevant information to clients managing sophisticated threats by offering multiple surveillance formats and analyses:

    Foot, vehicular, remote surveillance. We offer traditional foot and vehicular surveillance, as well as remote capabilities, where cameras are posted and monitored from a central location. Our surveillance teams are comprised of experienced, credentialed investigators who utilize pre-surveillance background investigations and ongoing analysis and communication with our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) to provide clients with relevant data for decision-making purposes regarding potential threats.

    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Often erroneously packaged as the handheld “bug-sweep” device, authentic TSCM employs sophisticated, costly equipment. AT-RISK retains a network of specialists with this distinct skill set for use in TSCM cases and has supported numerous, high-level clients throughout its history who have needed this unique aspect of security technology to protect corporate employees and assets.

    Video surveillance/Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). AT-RISK provides covert video surveillance services, typically within active investigations, which accommodate a number of unique client needs including asset misappropriation, worker compensation investigations and workplace violence prevention. We design camera placement in accordance with client needs and limitations and provide monitoring through our GSOC.

    Social media analysis and data mining. Investigations characteristically include background screenings. AT-RISK incorporates social media and data analyses in its investigation process. This includes gathering additional data not found in criminal, civil, property ownership and other traditional checks used in backgrounding and analysis of such information related to a subject under investigation. Should further examination be needed to identify or negate a threat, AT-RISK will utilize operational psychologists within its network to present professional insights on the findings of such data.

AT-RISK takes extreme care in conducting pre-surveillance background investigations and monitoring activity to provide clients and field investigators with the information necessary to increase the odds of a successful surveillance operation.

    Credentialed, experienced investigators. AT-RISK utilizes properly credentialed investigators with long-standing surveillance experience. Our teams are familiar with the legalities and responsibilities associated with private security surveillance operations, as well as the sensitivities which are characteristic of such assignments.

    Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). Our GSOC capabilities include 24/7 online monitoring of subjects and potential threats. We also provide clients with country reports and assessments for travel, conference attendance and other events which may be open to incurring threats. AT-RISK uses this information to notify field investigators as well as clients of critical developments uncovered through social media monitoring and analysis.

    Technology and resources. In addition to using off-the-shelf covert camera products, AT-RISK develops its own equipment for use in surveillance operations. For TSCM investigations, we utilize our partner network which offers access to high-grade technology and equipment.

Why now?

  • A loss prevention specialist claimed an injury resulting from pursuing a shoplifter and later pled guilty to second-degree theft, after acknowledging that she filed a worker’s compensation claim to get treatment for a pre-existing condition.
  • An employee who had been served with a restraining order opened fire in the Kansas factory where he worked, leaving 4 dead and 14 wounded.
  • The New York City Office of the Attorney General in its “Stalking: Realities and Responses” cites the National Violence Against Women Survey in pointing out that:
    • 1 in 12 women are stalked.
    • 1 in 46 men are stalked.
    • 1,006,970 women are stalked annually.

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