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Workplace Investigations

Corporations lose millions annually to asset misappropriation, fraudulent worker compensation claims and other types of theft. Workplace violence and similar incidents bring security to the forefront of company operations.

AT-RISK offers an entire suite of investigation and security services to support corporations in these and other situations in maintaining safe and secure work environments.

From assistance with hostile terminations and stalking incidents to worker compensation claims, AT-RISK provides multiple service solutions, including:

    Workplace violence, hostile termination, stalking. AT-RISK’s extensive history and involvement in the threat assessment community, particularly through its leadership in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), puts it at the forefront of an industry which regularly deals with the realities associated with violence in the workplace, hostile terminations, employee strikes and stalking incidents. Detailed assessments by threat assessment professionals, including operational psychologists, as well as protective services and intelligence, backgrounding, data analysis, interviewing and surveillance are among the services we provide to clients.

    Asset misappropriation and worker compensation. In cases involving theft, as well as fraudulent worker compensation claims, AT-RISK couples overt and covert surveillance operations with a 24/7, full-service Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) which can provide real-time updates and analysis to investigators working in the field.

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). AT-RISK’s consulting and field staff work together to plan and develop SOP for clients with limited access areas and information. Additionally, we offer covert camera placement and monitoring to work in concert with SOP to provide robust security solutions in complex situations.

    Protective Intelligence Program. Our protective intelligence program assists clients in taking a proactive approach to dealing with workplace violence. From real-time monitoring and updating through our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) to professional threat, psychological assessments and surveillance, AT-RISK employs comprehensive methods to determine the nature and veracity of potential threats within the workplace. We maintain a global network of threat assessment professionals and have worked around the world to support government, private sector, profit and non-profit institutions.

AT-RISK has become a leader in workplace investigations by providing consistent, quality service through the following strategies:

    Multi-disciplinary team: AT-RISK operations function through partnerships with experts from a wide array of professions. We collaborate with seasoned threat assessment professionals, security experts, credentialed investigators and operational psychologists to offer tailored, thorough analyses and consulting to clients managing sensitive and potentially volatile situations.

    Global Security Operations Center (GSOC): The GSOC staff operates with the capability to provide online monitoring of potential threats. We also develop country assessments and specific reports in support of our clients traveling abroad. The GSOC works with our field investigators, updating them, as well as clients, with pertinent developments and information gleaned through data collection and analysis.

    Protective intelligence: We utilize surveillance, backgrounding, threat assessments and psychological evaluations to create programs which work proactively to inform clients of potential threats. We’ve built solid lasting relationships with clients who have used our services to protect their people and products because of our highly proactive approach to addressing threats.

Why now?

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports:
    • Nearly 2 million people report having been victims of workplace violence annually.
    • Homicide is currently the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States.
  • The comprehensive 2005 Bureau of Labor Statistics Survey of Workplace Violence reported that 70% of businesses had no formal policy in place which addressed workplace violence.
  • In February 2016, a gunman entered a Kansas lawn equipment factory and opened fire, killing 3 and injuring 14.
  • In 2014, a man entered the New York City Department of Environmental Protection with a handgun, shooting and killing a co-worker.
  • The FBI report, “Workplace Violence: Issues in Response” states that one of the important employer roles to take in mitigating workplace violence includes “When necessary, seeking advice and assistance from outside resources, including threat-assessment psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals, social service agencies, and law enforcement.”

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