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Who uses AT-RISK?
High-profile individuals, executives and their families can face potential threats at work, at home, while traveling or at special events. Even individuals who don’t need day-to-day protection often need enhanced security at board meetings and other business gatherings.

How AT-RISK can help
AT-RISK can help provide enhanced security, peace of mind and proactive threat mitigation virtually anywhere in the world. Whether protecting clients at work, at home or in transit, we can provide a proactive security program that includes the following services:

  • Protection for individuals, families and groups
  • Real-time intelligence on potential threats
  • Security details for leisure and business travel
  • Residential security planning and implementation
  • Mobile response teams for workplace incidents
  • Security while attending special events, including political campaigns

Why choose AT-RISK?
The best security is proactive protection that anticipates and mitigates threats before they occur. With expertise in 118 countries, backed by a state-of-the-art Global Security Operations Center that monitors potential threats globally, AT-RISK can provide intelligence, threat assessment and threat mitigation virtually anywhere in the world.

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