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Advance and Travel Planning

Personal and business travel, whether to a major city, a global sporting event or remote area, carries risks for individuals, families and groups. Families at the Olympics, executives visiting foreign factories or other work sites, and high-profile individuals or politicians attending distant events are targets for criminals and terrorists.

Constantly evolving global security risks—from terrorism to common criminal activities—leave even the most street-smart travelers out of their element in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. AT-RISK provides risk assessment and protection before and during any type of trip, as well as for tour/travel companies organizing excursions to special events.

Well before the actual departure, our security teams monitor, analyze and protect against threats of all kinds with the following:

    Risk assessments. We gather and analyze intelligence from government and private sources, as well as our own experts on the ground and our 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), to monitor and assess potential risks. We also continuously monitor online and real-world activities of terrorist groups, potential protests and civil unrest, and other factors that can threaten clients.

    Advance planning. Our teams conduct pre-advance, trip advance and site advance preparations for every area that clients plan to visit, including airports, hotels, tourist or business sites, and the roads that connect them. They establish relationships with hoteliers and officials, and map alternative and escape routes for every aspect of the trip. They also research diseases and other health risks in a region, and make contingency plans for medical emergencies. They limit clients’ risks by reducing their exposure to the unknown.

    Personal Protection Specialists. AT-RISK Personal Protection Specialists provide discreet protection to individuals, families and travel groups virtually anywhere in the world. They spot and anticipate threats before they occur, executing a comprehensive threat mitigation strategy backed by 24/7 intelligence.

We protect personal and business travelers, as well as their families, using a wide range of assets and support.

    Local partnerships. We not only know government officials and law enforcement, but also security firms and personnel in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Those partnerships provide both advance warning of threats and crisis response strategies in the event of major security issues.

    Proactive approach. AT-RISK specializes in avoiding and mitigating threats before they occur. Comprehensive advance planning means clients and security personnel never travel “blind,” but always have alternative routes, accommodations and strategies in the event of potential danger. Our agents live by the principle of “trust but verify.”

    Global experience. Our experts and analysts understand the cultural, political and economic forces that can lead to violent crime, riots, unrest and terrorist activities. They know which taxi companies can be trusted, where modern medical treatment is available, and areas where street crime, kidnappings or other crimes run rampant.

Why now?

  • A series of bombing incidents at popular tourist sites killed 20 people and injured 135 people, mostly visitors from 13 countries.
  • Fans watching the Brazil vs. Germany game at the World Cup in Brazil were forced to flee after masked men conducted a mass robbery, stealing bags, passports and jewelry and firing into the crowd.
  • According to the U.S. State Department, 203 Americans were murdered in Mexico in 2014 and 2015.

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