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Executive, VIP and Family Programs

High-profile individuals, executives and their families can be abducted on vacation or caught in a terrorist incident. Disgruntled former employees or romantic partners can become stalkers and then escalate the danger. Unwanted incidents can occur without warning and have a significant impact on your brand, your safety or your life.

AT-RISK can help you and your family assess, identify and mitigate threats. Our experts apply security theory to the specific demands of your life. Beyond protection specialists, we build an environment that enhances security in all areas, anticipating and neutralizing threats before they occur.

From cyberspace to multiple continents, we mitigate threats and provide security for clients including:

    Risk assessments. We begin by understanding the risks and potential dangers you and your family face. Then we design a comprehensive security plan based on data from a variety of public, private and proprietary sources. Finally, we apply ongoing, sophisticated analysis to assess targeted and random threats from individuals and groups, and implement strategies to mitigate them before those threats become reality.

    Advance planning. We plan proactive alternatives for likely “what if” scenarios, as well as pre-trip security advances for intelligence collection and establishment of relationships with authorities, local specialists and other critical contacts. We cover everything from the safest paths and potential escape routes between the airport and hotel to verifying all travel details that may impact risk.

    Protective intelligence. We design protective intelligence programs to track social media and open-source intelligence, as well as collect field intelligence, to monitor individuals that may wish to cause harm or are actively threatening or plotting.

    Physical Protection Specialists. We provide some of the most highly trained and certified professionals in the industry. Deep experience in assessing and mitigating virtually any threat allows them to provide discreet, effective protection in high-profile and otherwise challenging situations.

We protect individuals and families using a holistic approach that anticipates, identifies and reduces threats. By using strategic planning and field-proven tactics, we evaluate potential security risks and adjust our services in real-time.

Most importantly, AT-RISK can mitigate global threats: at world events, political appearances, business and family trips, at board meetings, and other corporate or public events.

    Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). Staffed 24/7 by skilled analysts, GSOC personnel gather and analyze data and monitor potential threats from groups and individuals around the globe. Computers and human analysts track an unending stream of data from public and private sources, backing up and supporting operations on the ground.

    Global reach, local contacts. Thanks to our partnerships and relationships with government agencies and local resources on several continents, AT-RISK ensures protection teams have critical local knowledge and can leverage our relationships with local authorities.

    Threat mitigation planning. By gathering and analyzing intelligence on potential threats, including criminal activity, terrorists, political/social upheaval and other factors, AT-RISK helps clients avoid threats.

    Protection teams. Carefully screened and trained above industry standards, our protection specialists provide peace of mind. We meticulously select the protection specialists for each client, providing seamless and discreet security.

Why now?

  • According to Vocativ, there are more than 100,000 kidnappings of business people and tourists worldwide every year.
  • Public and shareholder meetings have turned violent in small towns around the U.S. and at major Fortune 500 corporations.
  • In Mexico, reported kidnappings have increased by 245% in the past decade.
  • Guards at a prominent museum in Paris went on strike to protest the audacious street criminals in the museum, and guards at a prestigious sanctuary in the Vatican threaten to do the same.
  • Kidnappings and abductions have grown faster than any other type of crime in India over the last 60 years.
  • CNN statistics show that 7-10% of all tourists in Spain will be victims of street crime.

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