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Special Events

Global sporting, entertainment, political and summit events draw visitors and high-profile individuals from all over the world. The Olympics, Mardi Gras, economic summits, the Super Bowl and the World Cup all present very different security challenges.

Street crime and pickpockets always follow the crowds. Terrorists, protesters, gangs and others also operate at global events, and carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder have been reported where international crowds gather.

Attacks at major events have spurred many changes in event management. Planning early recognition strategies and crisis response plans now starts sooner and extends outside the venue itself.

AT-RISK has protected groups, individuals and families, including groups organized by hospitality companies, at five Olympics, the World Cup, Mardi Gras, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and countless political and economic summits and other world events.

Our proactive protection and threat mitigation begins long before the event itself and continues until a safe return, including:

Risk assessment. Security challenges can vary wildly inside and outside specific venues and areas. We begin assessing risks to clients as soon as the contract is signed, analyzing millions of pieces of online and real-world data to find potential threats. The use of geo-fencing technologies allows us to capture data specifically pertinent to the event’s risks. Through our networks of sources, we also monitor intelligence regarding terrorist groups, drug gangs and protestors, as well as political activities, to identify and mitigate potential threats surrounding the event.

Advance planning. Every event, as well as every client, is different. The Olympics, for instance, operate as an independent city within a city; crossing a New Orleans street during Mardi Gras can take more than an hour. We look at every factor, from credentials and venues to medical facilities and transportation. We also look at the specific challenges faced by each client; a high-profile individual, for example, will draw very different attention than a vacationing family or prominent politician.

Personal Protection Specialists. AT-RISK Personal Protection Specialists are specially trained to avoid security threats. They also have the proven skills to keep clients safe if emergency situations arise. In addition, we support these specialists with protective intelligence and real-time threat monitoring through our Global Security Operations Center, providing intelligence reports that are customized for each client’s needs.

Crisis planning and response. We develop an emergency response plan to address both minor incidents, such as a lost passport, and major crises, such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster. Long before departure, we analyze transportation routes and provide safe haven information to drivers and security teams.

AT-RISK protects clients traveling to and attending events of all types with a broad range of expertise:

Hospitality mindset. Having worked with global hospitality companies, we recognize the need to balance safety and security with clients’ comfort and enjoyment of the event itself.

International experience. Our experts have protected clients and served as security advisors at special events around the world, including the Olympic games. As a result, they understand the specific security and safety challenges that each event presents, as well as how to manage them.

Local partnerships. AT-RISK has relationships with government officials and private security firms all over the world. Most importantly, we know the people in charge at many events, as well as the local officials and “boots on the ground” forces. We know the law enforcement officers, hospitality managers, and many others who can provide critical advance information, as well as on-site intelligence and support. These local partnerships can provide immediate assistance in an emergency, such as a natural disaster.

Proactive planning. We pre-plan for potential threats, leaving little to chance. We plan multiple routes from airports to hotels. We investigate potential threats at nearby tourist sites and shopping areas, in case clients decide to visit places not on their original itineraries. If a road is closed, a protest is rumored or a tourist site is targeted by terrorists, we have alternatives ready.

Why now?

  • Violent protests have occurred at virtually every world economic summit, including armed clashes between police and protesters at recent summits in Italy, Canada, England, Germany and the U.S.
  • Crime surged at the World Cup in Brazil, with tourists forced to flee from mass robberies, riots, lootings and shootings.
  • Police arrested over 140 people in the days leading up to Mardi Gras and confiscated 30 guns along parade routes.
  • Police in riot gear used pepper spray to disperse unruly crowds and arrested 12 during Super Bowl 50.

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