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Workplace Violence Response

Violence can happen in a workplace in an instant. A disgruntled former employee or romantic partner can come to the workplace seeking revenge. An unhappy employee can bring a gun to settle differences with a supervisor.

Every year, employees in hospitals, restaurants, retail establishments, offices and even military bases become victims of workplace violence. In most cases, there are warning signs long before the actual incident.

AT-RISK can help companies and employees prevent and prepare for—as well as respond to and recover from—those threats. Our experts design and implement comprehensive violence reduction programs to mitigate the possibility of workplace violence.

In public and private workplaces, AT-RISK can work with employees, Human Resources departments, executives, and in-house security personnel to anticipate, mitigate and respond to a wide variety of workplace violence threats by providing:

    Violence prevention consulting. When designing or remodeling workplaces, we can show the design team how to include safety and security measures that help protect employees, including security technology. For all organizations, AT-RISK can design and implement a comprehensive safety program to help defend against everything from robberies and assaults to active shooter scenarios.

    Policy and procedure development. Threat assessment experts can help organizations design and implement workplace safety policies and procedures, and then aid in monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness. We work with upper management and Human Resources to develop best-practice policies and procedures that protect employees and increase morale.

    Workforce training. Our multi-disciplinary team of security and psychological experts educate employees about the early warning signs of violence, as well as proactive measures of how and when to report those signs. We also train employees on how to protect themselves and their co-workers during security incidents of all types, including active shooter scenarios.

    Threat assessment and management. Our protective intelligence program can monitor employee behavior and online activity to determine whether employees are moving along a continuum that suggests they may commit workplace violence. We also consult with executives, managers and Human Resources departments to manage those potential threats.

    Investigation. By using electronic and skilled human surveillance and monitoring, AT-RISK can investigate potential threats, such as escalating behaviors that may indicate a progression from idea to action.

    Protection. AT-RISK can provide consulting services to enhance your security strategy to mitigate potential threats and provide safety if a threat occurs. We also provide specially trained Personal Protection Specialists to defuse violent confrontations and to respond to potential crises when hostile or volatile situations, such as the firing of problematic individuals, are anticipated.

We protect workplaces and the people in them through a variety of strategies, including:

    Multi-disciplinary team. Our security teams include security experts and behavioral psychologists with an in-depth understanding of the triggers and behaviors that indicate potential violence. The result is a proactive strategy that anticipates and mitigates workplace violence threats before they occur, as well as a highly trained, quick-response team to assist if an actual threat is imminent or in progress.

    Holistic approach. We combine physical security, the latest security technology, surveillance, psychological evaluations, and other tools and techniques to craft a complete, discreet management strategy that anticipates and mitigates potential workplace violence factors, while preserving smooth operations.

Why now?

  • A recently fired employee of a Fortune 50 freight services company returned to his Alabama workplace and shot two people to death before taking his own life.
  • A disgruntled Oklahoma postal worker locked the doors of his facility and then killed 14 co-workers and wounded six others before shooting himself.
  • A California employee who was fired after becoming infatuated with a co-worker returned to his former workplace and killed seven employees, including the co-worker, and wounded four others.
  • A University of Iowa study concluded that two million Americans are victims of workplace violence every year.
  • Annually, the rate of workplace violence against government employees is 2-5x higher than in the private sector.

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