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Corporate Aircraft Security

Providing executive protection in and around corporate aircraft and during travel presents special challenges. This comprehensive, hands-on course will teach a protective agent or detail leader the unique nuances and various aspects of providing executive protection in and around the corporate aircraft world.

During the course you will learn how to work with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), an airport business that provides services to executive and chartered aircraft. Since FBOs fall outside the province of most airport security, there are many security challenges that would never be encountered inside an airport. Participants will visit and analyze a working FBO, perform a security walk-through of an actual aircraft and consult with corporate aircraft pilots.


  • Designing an aircraft and corporate security plan
  • Designing an aircraft and crisis management plan
  • Corporate aircraft and IRS 132 regulations
  • Pre-travel security preparation
  • Conducting advance reconnaissance of a FBO
  • Executive protection for private and commercial air travel
  • Handling travel emergencies
  • Weapons and corporate aircraft
  • Drugs and contraband on an aircraft
  • Traveling with the principal
  • Domestic vs. international flight security

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