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Special Event Security

Designed for experienced security personnel, this course is a fast-paced, hands-on, advanced training opportunity that provides a working knowledge of executive/dignitary protection at large-scale, world-class events. You will participate in a variety of interactive situations designed to build both proactive and reactive event security strategies.

This course can be tailored to specific upcoming events, from local community festivals to the Olympics. Instructors have managed security for executive personnel at the Olympics, Mardi Gras and many other large national and international events. This is not an introductory-level course; participants should already have some executive protection experience and knowledge.


  • Best practices in executive protection during special events
  • Defining the tone of events
  • Determining potentially hazardous/non-hazardous events
  • Pre-advance analysis for special events
  • Detailed field advance considerations
  • Putting a special event plan together
  • Execution of protective missions
  • Security (law enforcement, private, volunteer) liability
  • Misbehavior tolerance (action, reaction, over-reaction)
  • Concluding the detail engagement

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