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The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries face significant security challenges to people, facilities, operations and intellectual property.

New developments in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and production are introducing cutting-edge therapeutics with challenging safety and security considerations. Strict government regulations raise the possibility of fines, shutdowns and funding losses. Disgruntled employees, competitors and hackers can threaten intellectual property.

Industry support
AT-RISK is the only company in the Western Hemisphere with a multi-disciplinary team of luminary scientists and security experts that can provide proactive and reactive threat mitigation, biosecurity, and biosafety for pharmaceutical labs, research facilities and executives.

All too many research and production facilities become lax in biosafety and biosecurity because no security incidents or threats have occurred. AT-RISK’s multi-disciplinary, proactive services can help biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies implement mitigation strategies that will help them remain incident-free and avoid government penalties and reputation losses.

Protection. AT-RISK can protect executives, laboratory personnel, intellectual property and operations, with services that include:

  • Personal protection for executives during national/international business and personal travel, board meetings and other public activities
  • Global monitoring and analysis of potential threats 24/7 from a state-of-the-art Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
  • Protection of all R&D activities and materials gathering and processing in North America, South America, Europe and Asia
  • Protection of research by reducing losses from intentional and accidental release of research products, including potentially dangerous biological materials

Investigations. If a security breach, threat to intellectual property, or other security incident occurs, AT-RISK can provide the following assistance:

  • Quick and discreet identification and mitigation of security breaches
  • Due diligence and discovery support for legal counsel
  • Reduction or elimination of potential losses to property and reputation
  • Protective intelligence programs that proactively monitor political and terrorist groups, and other potential threats

Consulting. AT-RISK can develop and manage, or assist with, the following:

  • Threat, vulnerability and risk analysis, coupled with program planning and design for maximum physical security and biosecurity
  • Biosafety programs that meet government and industry guidelines and regulations
  • Design, management and ongoing monitoring of holistic biosafety and biosecurity programs

Training. AT-RISK trains security professionals and lab personnel in the following:

  • Integration of security with the organization’s DNA
  • Mitigation of threats and risks to executives, employees, operations and Valuable Biological Materials (VBM)

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