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Schools and campuses worldwide face more security and safety challenges than ever from isolation created by intolerance and bullying, unauthorized persons on campus and acts of violence occurring on school grounds to increased concern over mental health and wellness, student protests and school access vulnerabilities.

Industry support
AT-RISK has a multi-disciplinary team of Certified Threat Managers, forensic psychologists and security experts that can design and implement holistic violence prevention programs which address issues such as intervention, education, training and reporting. The comprehensive approach identifies and mitigates threats campus-wide and is designed with proactive measures to help steer people away from a pathway to violence.

Training. AT-RISK offers specialized training for both security and non-security personnel, including the following:

  • Customized training for security personnel based on the challenges and design of each campus
  • Training for faculty, students and other non-security personnel for active shooter situations and other campus emergencies
  • Customized threat assessment and management training for professionals who are responsible for investigations, assessing or managing violent incidents on campus