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As the collapse of the global economy illustrated, countries’ economies are closely interwoven. The one consistent theme is the power of the financial sector to hold it all together. This also creates jeopardy when societies perceive impropriety, skillful thieves penetrate your security programs and rob your institutions, and investment leaders divulge assets.

Financial leaders have found themselves as the headline makers for many years, drawing unwanted and negative attention at times to their endeavors. These exposures have resulted in significant risks to the institutions, their leaders and families. Many institutions have enacted progressive security programs to combat these new risks, understanding they can’t secure their clients assets if they can’t protect their own.

Additionally, the investors and institutions face increasing risks as the median losses from internal theft and financial fraud continue to grow at exorbitant rates. Fraud investigators, working closely with regulators and law enforcement may contain these losses through due diligence investigations, asset traces, and fraud investigation techniques.

Controlling growth of a global economy is dependent upon a strategy to protect its leaders, its shareholders and actively investigate those that compromise the entities’ integrity through fraud and corruption. Consider AT-RISK as your provider of:

  • Financial Institution Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection of Executives and families
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence investigation
  • Asset locates and background investigations
  • International auditor travel security programs
  • Crisis response and prevention

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