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The insurance industry market continues to face significant challenges resulting from fraudulent claims, however, the past several years have been particularly notable with events such as the BP Oil Spill, Hurricane Katrina, and the Haiti Earthquake. Special investigative units have assigned many cases to the field and adjusters have been challenged to delve into massive quantities of claims. Qualified investigative agencies are prepared to assist through complex investigative techniques and surveillance. AT-RISK provides those carriers with a reliable and effective investigative team to help ensure losses are minimized and fraudulent activity is properly identified.

Special service insurance firms such as Lloyds of London and Chubb’s issue kidnap and ransom policies for the world’s wealthiest individuals who seek ways to minimize their policy costs. By selecting qualified negotiators and protection specialists these policy holders receive the level of security they need. As a benefit the insurance companies reduce their exposure. Through our resources AT-RISK is able to provide guidance with regard to such matters.

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