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Latin America

The economic and political climate in Latin America creates complex challenges for both domestic and foreign corporations, as well as for individual travelers. Street and organized crime threaten local populations, and law enforcement often cannot respond with sufficient protection, resources or remedies. In addition, armed violence and crime can occur anywhere, and cultural differences increase the security risks faced by tourists and expatriates.

With offices in Mexico and Brazil, AT-RISK has cultivated a reliable local network, conducting hundreds of successful Latin American operations. In-country personnel understand the region and its customs firsthand. As insiders, these experts work within the existing culture and crime levels to help clients manage risk with protective intelligence and both strategic and tactical planning. When a situation arises, this local presence facilitates quick response and extraction, if required.

Working with corporate, military and government organizations has made AT-RISK a trusted partner throughout Latin America, providing proactive threat mitigation to avert costly surprises.

With years of operational experience in Latin America, our team has the local knowledge and network to identify and mitigate the unique risks and threats of the region. We analyze security challenges and apply critical thinking skills to help organizations ensure optimal use of resources to protect people and assets. Bottom line: this proactive approach strengthens security while saving money, a critical combination in a volatile region with turbulent economies.
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Our protection services combine intelligence collection and analysis, as well as other advance planning strategies, to create layers of security around individuals and locations. This approach minimizes risk and allows principals to move with greater freedom and comfort. Skilled Personal Protection Specialists provide close security and emergency response, supported by real-time intelligence from our Global Security Operations Center.
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Our investigators in Latin America are multilingual experts who know the local customs, geography and politics. This inside perspective and regional experience allow us to collect timely and reliable data, and to process this information in the appropriate cultural context. We support client operations by vetting prospective partners and employees and by investigating misconduct.
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Biosecurity and Biosafety
With a unique combination of PhD-level biomedical scientists and threat-assessment experts, AT-RISK helps protect private- and public-sector laboratories from internal and external threats. We provide biosecurity and biosafety support to a growing number of pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities in Latin America.
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AT-RISK offers customized training programs, taught by experts with thorough knowledge of local language and culture, all of whom sharpen their skills with ongoing field assignments. We prepare security teams and non-security personnel to anticipate and avoid danger, tailoring courses to the specific challenges in Latin America: from kidnapping and carjacking to extortions and cartel activity.
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