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Through proper representation, parties are able to protect their interests and in some cases recover their losses. Whether these interests are through the acquisition of an entity, settlement from a car accident or binding in a contractual relationship, attorneys guide them through these complex arenas. Attorneys find that they can function much more effectively when they can partner with a firm capable of supporting their investigative and protective needs.

Their clients’ significant events such as mergers and acquisitions do not have to become traumatic experiences. By doing their due diligence they can ensure better success. AT-RISK supports clients looking to acquire interests domestically and internationally by helping to ensure that brick and mortar operations exist and the statements of the seller are accurate. We also support plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of civil actions such as slip and fall claims, accident investigations, and harassment claims.

Additionally, firms may require protection for their clients or themselves during high-profile court cases or as a matter of contractual obligation. Discreet, professional agents can work closely with the firm to design fully encompassing security programs to help ensure the needs of their clients are met.

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