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Middle East

Outsiders who are planning to travel, work or live in the Middle East often have a dangerously incomplete and inaccurate picture of safety and security in the region. In some areas, what Westerners perceive as dangerous may be merely chaotic. In other areas, what were once safe zones may no longer be places where visitors should travel unaccompanied. Risk is a constantly moving element, and reliance upon advisories produced annually or semi-annually can lead to disaster.

With an office in Dubai, in-country analysts, and a network that includes skilled security resources throughout the region, AT-RISK can provide in-depth intelligence, as well as security before and during a trip. Decades of years working in the Middle East, backed by long-standing relationships with local law enforcement and government agencies, provide a deeper understanding of legislative, legal and cultural distinctions in the area.

The result: AT-RISK delivers proactive threat mitigation, based on in-depth protective intelligence and analysis, 24/7.

Individuals, facilities and operations face a different set of potential threats in the Middle East than in any other part of the world. Our regional experts can provide firsthand insight to pinpoint and mitigate those threats, including development of contingency and evacuation plans. We’ve been providing intelligence and threat mitigation services throughout the Middle East for years. As a result, our team members speak the language, know the region, understand the culture, and have strong relationships with local authorities.
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We use experts from our office in Dubai, as well our relationships with security, law enforcement and government personnel, to provide advance intelligence that goes well beyond information available through public sources. Once in-country, we support clients with Personal Protection Specialists, guided by 24/7 real-time intelligence from our Global Security Operations Center and analysts who are embedded in the region.
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Cultural, political and religious differences can make investigating and understanding potential business partners, vendors and employees difficult. What applies in the U.S. and Europe doesn’t necessarily apply in the Middle East. Our investigators have the local knowledge and connections to support client operations with timely, reliable information about prospective partners, as well as in-depth due diligence that puts information in the proper cultural context.
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Biosecurity and Biosafety
In the Middle East, a different approach to biosecurity and biosafety can expose facilities to both inside and outside threats, ranging from lab personnel who disregard safety procedures to terrorists who want to disrupt Western operations. AT-RISK combines doctoral-level biomedical scientists with experts in threat assessment and vulnerability analysis. Our biosecurity and biosafety experience dates back three decades, gained by partnering with private- and public-sector laboratories around the world.
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AT-RISK instructors keep their skills sharp by remaining active in the field. Experts with real-world experience develop and teach customized training programs, tailored to the specific cultural and security challenges in the Middle East: terrorists, regional warlords and anti-Western groups.
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