Intelligence reporting is a critical component of our business. Here you can find and download our most up-to-date Impact Analysis Reports.

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Impact Analysis – 4 October 2022
Developments in Ukraine, Italian Elections, Nord Stream Pipeline leaks, and more.
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Impact Analysis – 15 September 2022
The ongoing Ukraine counter-offensives, Tigray rebel peace talks, border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and more.
Impact Analysis
Impact Analysis – 31 August 2022
Examining unprecedented weather events in China and Pakistan, competition in the Indo-Pacific region, the upcoming Italian general election, and more.
Impact Analysis
Impact Analysis – 19 August 2022
Escalations between China and Taiwan, Ukraine conflict scenarios, extremist threats following the search of Mar-a-Lago, and more.
Impact Analysis – 4 August 2022
Increasing crime rates on businesses, international space policy, social unrest in developing nations with high foreign debt levels, and more.
Impact Analysis
Impact Analysis – 20 July 2022
Examining the impact of the decreasing trust in government and media, food security and civil unrest, how the risk of cyber-attacks has evolved due to the conflict in Ukraine, and more.