Developing a best-in-class global intelligence program

The nature of risk for multinational enterprises continues to shift and diversify, with security leaders pressed to find proactive solutions. For many, intelligence programs are the answer.


A Fortune 100 manufacturing firm with dozens of sites worldwide determined that its approach to gathering information and analysis on risk was reactive, fragmented and over-reliant on vendors. The security team identified the need for a dedicated intelligence team, and knew that AT-RISK was the company to help design it.


Drawing on our analytical strengths in multiple domains of risk and best practices gleaned from years of client benchmarking, AT-RISK developed a holistic plan for a 24/7/365, multi-site intelligence program. Among other elements, the plan included recommendations on program mission and structure, product sets, worldwide staffing, training and technology implementation.


Using a cost model and value proposition developed by AT-RISK, the firm’s security team was able to convince senior leadership that a global intelligence program was a worthwhile investment. The security team was allocated a budget to build on our blueprint, and the program became operational several months later.

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