Conducting a complex investigation on a threatening former employee

Investigating and assessing warning signs in time is an essential and difficult component of managing a threatening former employee. In a complex case, stakeholder coordination is sometimes the key.


Following the termination of an employee for performance and behavioral problems, a Fortune 50 healthcare firm began receiving harassing and menacing communications. The subject lived near his former work site and the company contacted AT-RISK International to conduct a threat assessment investigation and consultation.


AT-RISK International investigated the subject’s background, noting both his family situation as well as past statements made online. We also leveraged our law enforcement networks and discovered the subject had previously exhibited almost identical behavior with a previous employer. Our client and law enforcement were not aware of the other case.


With all stakeholders now at the table and sharing information, an investigative and protection plan for the company was developed. A threat management approach was implemented, and the subject was arrested and charged with multiple felony crimes. Though he did not receive prison time, very strict probation conditions have significantly mitigated the risk for our client.

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