Case Study : Protection

Protecting technicians in a dangerous environment

No matter the resources, location or political climate, working in a safe environment and feeling protected are essential components to a job well done.


Working 16-hours a day with no electricity, no hot water, limited food and gasoline supplies, limited communications and in an environment where criminal activity and general desperation abound, technicians for one of the largest telecommunications companies were in a very dangerous situation. AT-RISK was engaged to protect the 4-man technical teams deployed over a 3400+ square mile region to repair and restore wireless networks. Without considerable protection, the teams and their expensive equipment would be in danger.


AT-RISK deployed a team of former law enforcement agents and security professionals to plan routes, obtain and deliver supplies and ensure that the technicians could focus on their job. While police presence was spread thin and focused on maintaining order in the general public, AT-RISK successfully protected the technicians, including negotiating with an armed gang member to obtain permission for the techs to enter a neighborhood where repairs were needed.


Over 90% of the sixteen-member team was deployed for the duration of the project. Their vigilance, judgment and even-keel approach allowed the techs to successfully complete the job.

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