Providing customized security awareness training for a transportation disruptor

Occasionally, a company is so forward-thinking that it upends everything we think we know about a sector. What kind of security training does a futuristic firm need to protect its assets and its customers?


A firm developing new forms of transportation and tourism understood the significant value of their advanced technology, their highly skilled operators and their early adopters. They understood the need for a train-the-trainers course on security awareness and threat assessment for several department heads, and AT-RISK was chosen to provide it.


AT-RISK provided weeklong training at our facilities with a focus on creating an observant company culture, assessing threats and mitigating the risk of physical security. As part of the course, AT-RISK simulated interviews with hypothetical employees and customers, workshopped concerning behavior recognition and conducted a field exercise to evaluate security vulnerabilities at a nearby venue similar to the firm’s.


The client leadership team returned armed with and ready to share their newfound knowledge and skills. The firm’s security program has since evolved, and the company conducted a test run of its service without incident. With its highly publicized success drawing increasing investment and interest, the company is set to put our security training to very good use in coming years.

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