Change During Change

Our world is in a constant state of change and past weeks have not been so different.  The biggest distinction is that changes are coming so rapidly that it has become challenging to make the necessary adjustments and to have confidence in what the future may hold.  But trends are already beginning to emerge, and I thought it timely to share some of what my colleagues and I have been seeing.

  • Business Continuity – Many supply chains are interrupted globally. Understanding the vulnerabilities and building bridges and interim solutions are fundamental to continuing business operations.  Even if you are not in a product related trade, consider what goods or services are critical to your core business needs and make sure your resources are ample and reliable.  If any element of your workforce cannot work remotely, your evaluation may include issues as basic as ensuring that your employees are able to travel to/from work without violating any quarantine or movement restrictions.
  • Threat Management Programs, Investigations and Consultations – During periods of extreme high stress, people can and will act in a way that is outside of the normally anticipated response. Some of these activities may even include fascination with or expression of violent intent to solve their current fears and frustrations.  If you don’t yet have a threat management or workplace violence program or if your current program has not been reviewed or tested in a while, now is a good time to consider renewed focus.
  • Competitive Intelligence – The future is unclear, but it is likely that domestic and international competition will be fiercer than ever. Changes may occur impacting organizational and international trade.   And as some economies struggle to retain their balance, competition may even include state run efforts. Any or all these conditions could increase the threat of espionage or sabotage. Is your organization prepared? Does your competitive intelligence strategy include Intelligence or TSCM programs?

Whether now or during any other crisis, it is important to consider change management.  There is much that has been written on this topic however a simple way to frame it is: add/edit/delete. Of the three, “editing” your business processes is both the easiest and most difficult to achieve.  It is easier because change can be a great catalyst yet difficult because it requires creative, out of the box thinking.  Those that engage in adapting business processes and functions to meet new conditions and requirements will ultimately come out ahead. 

Change can be difficult and sometimes unwelcomed, however it is always accompanied by opportunity.  What you and your business decide to do with those opportunities will define your success once a crisis has passed. For resources and information about evaluating your organization’s security and planning policies during COVID-19 and beyond, please contact at member of the AT-RISK team.