Work-from-home policy: What employers need to know

Until recently, the opportunity for employees to work from home was somewhat uncommon and often viewed as a perk or benefit that most of the workforce rarely, if ever, got to enjoy. But, almost overnight, COVID-19 changed the way employers must handle work-from-home policies. Now, many employers are telling employees not to come into work unless it is essential to do so. As a result, employers no longer have constant visibility and control over the work environment. Transitioning a work force from a corporate office space to a work-from-home environment raises unique challenges in connection with ensuring a safe and secure work environment; protecting employee and client confidentiality; complying with relevant federal, state, and local employment laws; and reducing the employer’s risk of liability.

Glenn Sandford, Vice President of AT-RISK International and Larson O’Brien, a national litigation firm for complex and high-stakes cases, including employment litigation, partnered with attorneys Jonathan E. PhillipsKori L. Bell, and Emilie J. Zuccolotto to identify key areas for employers to focus on when implementing a work-from-home policy. “Work-From-Home: Preventing Liability and Ensuring Compliance” addresses employment law, workplace security, and cybersecurity issues for employers to consider. Download the information page to use as a resource here.

Recognizing that every work-from-home situation is unique and that a company’s specific industry and workforce will impact how these issues play out for its work-from-home employees, AT-RISK International and Larson O’Brien are available to discuss individual situations in more detail. If you have questions or concerns regarding your specific work-from-home environment and policies, please contact Glenn Sandford.