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15 August, 2019
How to Balance Supply and Demand within Corporate Intelligence Programs
A cursory review of the latest writing on public sector intelligence analysis reveals a great deal of soul-searching about emerging threats to the profession. One area of concern is a growing imbalance between intelligence supply and demand. The supply of intelligence is increasing while the demand is shrinking.
14 August, 2019
Growing Risks of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Spoofing
The Center for Advanced Defense (C4ADS) recently released a study that found 9,883 cases of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) spoofing, including at least 1,311 instances since February 2016 of commercial ships in or around Russian waters being fed the wrong positional coordinates.
23 July, 2019
Cells and the City: A Conversation with the Deputy Director for Intelligence Analysis, NYPD
For much of the past decade, Ravi Satkalmi has helped lead the New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) Intelligence Analysis Unit, a team within the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau that provides critical support on counterterrorism investigations, analyzes foreign and domestic terrorist threats to the city, offers input on policies pertaining to counterterrorism, and liaises with law enforcement and private sector partners.
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How long has AT-RISK been in business?

Established in 2003, AT-RISK International employs protection and security experts, managing eight locations worldwide and operating in more than 100 countries. Learn about AT-RISK

Who are the team members on staff?

AT-RISK is led by experts with more than 100+ years of combined senior leadership in law enforcement, national security, military, corporate security, psychology, geopolitics and management consulting. Meet our experts

How connected is AT-RISK?

We are well-connected thought leaders in the international security industry and proud to be a part of a worldwide network of industry partners professional memberships. Meet out security partners

What certifications do AT-RISK experts have?

Every AT-RISK team member is a seasoned expert and specialist within his or her discipline. We recruit only the best operational, administrative and field personnel in the world. Discover our credentials

How is the execution of service provided?

AT-RISK applies assessment, analysis, planning and management to each engagement. This holistic approach produces a comprehensive, ongoing protection strategy, whether the potential threats affect people, facilities, operations or intellectual property. Review case studies

Are services contracted out?

Every engagement is managed and led by senior AT-RISK executives, including Directors of Operations, Account Managers and our President/CEO, to ensure key objectives are met and client satisfaction is achieved. Engage our experts.

Where is AT-RISK located? What is your footprint? How quickly can you mobilize?

With eight locations worldwide, we operate assignments in more than 100 countries. Our skilled professionals are always ready to engage and are fully equipped to deploy anytime, anywhere, no matter the circumstances. Locate AT-RISK experts

What are your strategies for document retention?

AT-RISK International encrypts all laptops and desktops used by our employees and client data is stored through our case management system and secured across the Amazon Web Services platform Request more information 

What are your quality standards around hiring, screening, training and retention?

We recruit only the best operational, administrative and field personnel in the world. As a result, all employees go through an extensive hiring and training process. View our process

Who has AT-RISK serviced in the past?

We have served clients around the world from a variety of backgrounds, customizing our services to fit specific client needs of protection, investigations, consulting, intelligence and training. Review our case studies

What are the costs associated with each service?

Each client is unique and every assignment is different. Due to the individualized nature of our clients’ security needs, please contact AT-RISK to discuss your requirements so that we can quote accordingly. Talk to an expert 

Who will be my point of contact?

Based on your specific needs, a Case Manager is assigned to interact with you on a day-to-day basis while Directors and a team of seasoned experts work behind the scenes and around the clock to ensure satisfaction and success. Connect with our team leaders

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